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Why buy from Bite My Brand?

Keep It Sweet Confectionery Ltd has 15 years of experience in confectionery and food-related promotional products. Since 2018 the corporate promotions side of the business has been carried out under the name Bite My Brand.

Bite My Brand specializes in consumable branded products. Our main area is confectionery-based products including branded sweet jars, hampers, nets tins and bags. Our product range is ever-expanding, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, then why not get in touch, and see how we can help you

What benefits of purchasing promotional chocolates, sweets, snacks or drinks?

As you are able to control other forms of marketing with targeting but with Promotional food you are in complete control of who is able to receive this promotional food therefore potentially being a much better ROI.

They are easily customizable with whatever you wish, we have a wide range of promotional food such as crisps, popcorn, chocolates and more that is ready to be customised with your own branding and logo. depending on the event and time of the year we have the right promotional food product.

they can act as great gifts and awards. You can use them as employee appreciation gifts or an incentive to drive up sales or just some Christmas chocolates as a gift to keep with the festive spirit.


How will my products be branded?

You will need to provide us with the artwork you’d like used on your promotional sweet or chocolate of choice. This can be supplied to us via email.

If you need further help with your logo, please consult our team to see the requirements.

Do you design the artwork if we send in our logos?

If all you have is a logo, we will work with you with concept designs to help you decide which artwork you like and you can decide on something that best works for you.  A simple arrangement of existing artwork is possible.  We are not a design agency, but do work closely with some great designers and can quote for work if this is necessary.

Can I speak to you directly?

Yes, you can always contact us on 01202 486256 / 244391 between 0900 – 1700hrs Mon – Fri.

Can I see a sample of my chosen promotional product before I order?         

Yes.  Depending on the order size there may be a charge.  We may not be able to supply a sample branded with your design due to printing constraints but we can normally supply a sample to show quality and size.

where can I find prices?

please request a quote for the product that you are after, to do so you will need to fill in this contact form or call us.

Which sweets will work best for your promotional sweets requirements?

That is a difficult question even for us, as we have a wide variety of chocolate and sweets to choose from, however as we have years of experience supplying the best sweets and chocolates for both personal and business customers. No matter whether you need sweets wrapped sweets, unwrapped sweets or sweets themed by colour, season or industry, we will work with you to help you decide on what promotional food or drink you should choose.

When is the best time to buy promotional sweets?

Branded sweets can do wonders for your company’s/businesses image. Lead times can be long, but we specialise in supplying great products in very short timeframes. They can be given away to customers and clients, they can be part of a branding package or they can be left for customers to help themselves, Regardless of how you give them out, branded sweets and branded chocolate can take your business from good to great in people eyes.

Some great places you should consider giving out branded sweets and branded chocolates.

  • Conferences
  • Trade show events
  • Charity and fundraising events
  • Christmas
  • Easter

There will be many times when offering potential or loyal customers, clients and suppliers branded chocolate, sweets and savoury snacks, and it is important to take these opportunities as it helps your branding and your company look. Always remember the customer always comes first!